Laura Waitze Zuckerman

Laura Waitze Zuckerman is a photographer in Parkland Florida who specializes in using the natural light to capture people, places and things by showcasing her love of authentic emotion and the beauty in nature to transform the mundane into the magical through her use of light and it's interaction with her subjects. 


Laura is a mother, wife, photographer and entrepreneur. After graduating from college in 1992, Laura did an internship at MTV Networks in the talent department. Soon after her internship was over, she had a small stint at New Line Cinema. Her passion was clothing, and after much thought, she moved in a new direction and began working as the assistant manager for Guess Clothing in Macy’s Herald Square. One day, while sitting on the train going to work, Laura met the manager for Henri Bendel. Laura was charmed and intrigued which led her into the training program for managers at the highly esteemed “Bendel’s.” The demand for long hours in high heels took it’s toll on Laura’s feet which led her to work in the wholesale “schmata” business for a new clothing line called Renfew which later turned into Iris Singer. Laura got “the bug” for fashion design and after several years, tried her luck and designed her own workout clothing line, lk bodywear. It was sold all over the United States and in Japan and seen in many publications. (Glamour, Fit, Mademoiselle, etc.) When she met her now husband, she decided to focus on having a family and becoming a stay at home mother. Soon after having her second child, she was itching to do something creative and started her chocolate company, yummie. Laura Waitze Zuckerman was on The Rachel Ray Show, Al Roker’s Food Network Show and had her chocolates seen in many magazines. The business started to grow which led Laura to a decision. Should she work full time or be the stay at home mother that she first intended on becoming? It was a tough decision, but in the end, she decided to raise her children and focus her energy on her two small children. Today, Laura is a photographer. She is able to be home and still be creative, having the best of both worlds. 

I am very excited to announce Susan Halpern has joined me as my second shooter. She is an experienced photographer who has been working her craft for over 10 years.